The evolution of every woman is prosperous through her self-discovered clarity. 

When we see ourselves clearly at every phase of our journey,  

We attain the bliss that makes life worthy

We are Clearly Female ® . 

It is here where we dedicate ourselves to taking the critical look in the mirror daily to see deeper within our soul.


 Mirror Checking is a must. ® 

For us women who were once young girls and who are now uplifting our own into fulfilling womanhood, we hold the responsibility and we hold the key to owning our authenticity, then leading our own by the steps we take, the words we speak and the beliefs we carry throughout the prolific process of learning to love self.

At every moment, just one glance in the mirror reminds us of who we innately are, from where we derive, what we need to see and all that we must accept about our incomparable path so that our walk in womanhood and humanity is a profound experience. 

Paying forward the resounding message which was delivered to her throughout her entire life from her devoted lineage of women and father, Clearly Female™️ is Dr. Kristen Barnes-Holiday’s crafted purpose to incline her own daughters, and all girls and women, to become one with their greatest truths for when we do so, we reach the euphoria of honoring ourselves in the skin we are in while reigning supreme in a life of faith, resilience, grace and power.